Selecting and Implementing a UV Disinfection System

Did you know that the first-ever implementation of UV lights for disease treatment was introduced by Nobel prize winner Niels Ryberg Finsen in 1895? Since then, UV lights have been used as disinfectants and sterilizers in various industries. For instance, hospitals today rely on UV light disinfection systems to ensure the facility is free of germs and bacteria.

Today, two types of UV disinfection systems are reliable and effective if administered correctly. But how do you tell the difference? Read on to find out!

How to Choose the Right UV Disinfection System

UV Disinfection System

There are many UV disinfection systems to choose from. The best choice is the one that fits with, elevates, and complements your Environment Services (EVS) processes.

When choosing UV disinfection systems, you must know how to incorporate them into the EVS department’s plan for infection control.

Before you purchase a UV disinfection system, consider the following:

  • When will the system be in use: If you’re purchasing a UV disinfection system to combat HAIs (healthcare-associated infections), you’ll use the system after a patient is discharged from the premises.
  • Where will the system be used: Other than disinfecting a room after an ill person has been occupying it, UV disinfection systems can be used to sanitize holding rooms, waiting rooms, hallways, portable equipment, medical equipment, and so on.

How to Implement a UV Disinfection System

Depending on the purpose of the use, implementing UV disinfection systems takes training. EVS professionals are encouraged to provide this training to their staff to ensure every step of the process is understood.

Based on the number of EVS staff, a successful UV disinfection system training should take at most a couple of weeks. The training program should include documentation that the environmental services employees understand UV technology and the hazards of improper handling.

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