Controlled Environment. Consistent Results.

Innovative solutions must be designed to optimize effectiveness and minimize the variability of the human factor. We believe supplemental automated solutions will be the new standard for portable equipment.

Automated "No-Touch" UV-C Enclosure (UVETM)
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Purpose-built to supplement the manual process for non-critical portable equipment. Only platformed designed to control INTENSITY, PROXIMITY, and LINE OF SIGHT.

  • Effective: UV-C germicidal wavelength of 254nm producing greater than 99.99% reduction of C. diff, MRSA, and C. Auris
  • Efficient: 60-second cycle time
  • Reliable: Automated cycle and enclosure design produces the same result every time
  • Safe: Built-in safety redundancies
  • Compliant: Digitally-integrated to ensure adherence, tracking and repeatability
  • Purpose-built: Multiple configuration options allow for accommodation of the most common portable equipment
  • IP Protected: several issued and pending patents
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