Controlled Environment. Consistent Results.

Innovative solutions must be designed to optimize effectiveness and minimize the variability of the human factor. We believe proper cleaning and adjunctive “no-touch” automated UV light disinfection will be the new standard for Portable Medical Equipment.

Automated "No-Touch" UV-C Enclosure (UVETM)
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Purpose-built to supplement the manual cleaning and disinfection process for non-critical portable and reusable medical equipment. Only platformed designed to control INTENSITY, PROXIMITY, and LINE OF SIGHT.

  • Effective: UV-C germicidal wavelength of 254nm producing 4-6 log reduction of C. diff, MRSA, and C. Auris
  • Efficient: 60-second cycle time
  • Reliable: Automated cycle and containment of the UV light produces same result every time
  • Safe: Minimize healthcare worker exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Compliant: Digitally-integrated to ensure adherence, tracking and repeatability
  • Purpose-built: Multiple configuration options allow for accommodation of any size equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, gurneys, IV-Poles, computer work stations, etc.)
  • IP Protected: 3 issued patents, 1 pending
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