Premier Hospital UV Light Disinfection Device

Why do equipment contamination rates in healthcare
environments remain alarmingly high?

Manual, variable disinfection processes Multiple high-touch surfaces
Manual/non-existent reporting processes
High portability of equipment
Multi-department complexities

There is a better way Forward!

UVconcepts is lightning the way forward with innovative solutions and technology to improve your outdated processes. We believe our technology can greatly benefit any and every healthcare environment.

Schedule a consultation to see how UVconcepts can illuminate your environment today.

- Mindy S. Hospital, Chicago

The Solution is UVconcepts Technology Suite

  • Achieves >99.99% inactivation of microorganisms for on solid surfaces in 60 seconds flat
  • Ensures peace of mind with digital tags and cloud-based analytics
  • Intuitive software empowers users to operate with confidence and care
  • Unrivaled customer service, from installation onward
  • Illuminates the process in any environment, no matter its size or complexity