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Technology of Its Kind

Innovation requires change, and with change comes uncertainty. But without the light of innovation, safety systems and procedures can become outdated and ineffective, leaving both providers and patients in the dark.

At UVconcepts, our commitment to providing safer environments is what drives us. It’s what drives the visionary UVconcepts Technology Suite—the most powerful, comprehensive, and effective UV system on the market. It’s what drives our innovative solutions and our tireless customer support. Ultimately, our commitment to providing safer environments is what empowers UVconcepts to illuminate yours.

UVconcepts Technology Suite

Join us in lighting the way forward. We believe our technology can greatly benefit any and every healthcare environment. Schedule a consultation to see how UVconcepts can illuminate your healthcare environment today.
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Trained users are assigned this digital authorization badge to operate the UVenclosure, ensuring accountability and oversight
This digital indicator tag is attached to equipment and is updated by the UVdatacloud after each successful UVenclosure cycle
Oversee and analyze usage data from your entire environment, accessible and secure within our cloud-based platform

Requires no setup, making it easy to integrate in an active workflow environment

The first and only ecosystem solution designed to improve the process for portable equipment. 
Experience the most innovative environment solution in healthcare.
"UVconcepts is a partner not a vendor"
Hospital Employee 
Denver, CO

A Necessary Shift Has Never Been So Simple

The UVconcepts Technology Suite represents a shift in the environmental management process, from outdated and disjointed processes to a more comprehensive and reliable ecosystem solution. We believe the existing models need to be challenged, and we will partner alongside you to execute a plan.

Intuitive High Tech

Equipped with an intuitive software interface, authorized users are empowered to operate with efficiency, confidence, and care. UVconcepts spent years researching market conditions and connecting with industry thought-leaders to build a solution that addresses the entire ecosystem.

Accountability. Consistency. Peace of Mind. 

Digitally-connected UVetags on every piece of equipment and cloud-based analytics ensure total accountability, oversight, and consistency, providing peace of mind.

Lighting the way forward - Get in touch today! From installation to customization, training, and support, our passion and promise is to partner alongside you in illuminating your healthcare environment, every step of the way. 


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