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As one of the leading companies in UV technology, we are dedicated to providing advanced UV healthcare solutions that make a real difference.

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As one of the leading UV technology companies, we strive to provide unparalleled quality and customer service. With our comprehensive solution and innovative technology, you can be assured that you are investing in a powerful system.

Each UVconcepts team member provides the highest-level of technical expertise and customer service. Our team is passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. With every project, we aim to help you make the best possible decisions for your environment.

Our systems have been tested and proven to outperform other UV machine solutions. UVconcepts understands that each healthcare environment is unique, so we are here to provide customized solutions to meet your needs.

UVconcepts Technology Suite Lights Your Pathway To Better Environments.

UVconcepts Technology Suite

The UVconcepts Technology Suite represents a shift in the environmental management paradigm, from outdated and disjointed processes to a more comprehensive and reliable ecosystem solution. We believe our technology can greatly benefit any and every healthcare environment.

Join us in lighting the way forward. As a respected UV technology company, our technology significantly benefits any healthcare environment. Schedule a consultation to see how UVconcepts can illuminate your healthcare environment today.


This digital indicator tag attaches to equipment and updates through the UVdatacloud after each successful UVenclosure cycle. Its primary utility is to provide proof of UVenclosure use and assurance that the equipment has been exposed to UV-C light. This also helps reduce the human variability commonly found in manual processes.


Trained users are assigned this digital authorization badge to operate the UVenclosure, ensuring accountability and oversight. With the UVbadge, protocols are easy to implement, and management can easily monitor the performance.


The UVdatacloud is a powerful tool that brings the entire system together. Oversee and analyze usage data from your entire environment, accessible and secure within our cloud-based platform.


This very unique piece of equipment provides a safe, secure, and effective process for inactivating microorganisms on portable equipment. Setup is simple, making it easy to integrate the unit into an active workflow environment. The UVenclosure is the first and only ecosystem solution designed to improve the process for portable equipment.

Looking to improve your existing protocols?

The first of its kind, the UVconcepts Technology Suite supplements the disinfection process for equipment with powerful, controlled UV-light technology. In addition, our secure UVdatacloud platform provides access to supplemental disinfection data from your entire environment.

Leading The Way Towards a Safer Environment

UVconcepts is a UV technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the industry. Our company is committed to promoting safer environments through our innovative UV technology and comprehensive data management solutions.
At UVconcepts, we’ve created a comprehensive ecosystem solution combining data analytics with effective UV-C technology. It’s the most powerful, comprehensive, and effective UV system on the market. The UVconcepts Technology Suite also helps set a new bar for accountability and control through a wide range of data analytics and management solutions. You can expect valuable data and accurate metrics that will monitor and verify the effectiveness of your disinfection efforts.

“A 60-second cycle?  That’s very impressive.”

John R.

There is a better way Forward!

UVconcepts is lightning the way forward with innovative solutions and technology to improve your outdated processes. We believe our technology can greatly benefit any and every healthcare environment.

Schedule a consultation to see how UVconcepts can illuminate your environment today.

- Mindy S. Hospital, Chicago

Wondering what’s happening in your environment?

UVconcepts Technology Suite gives you peace of mind,
delivering accountability, consistency and oversight.

Not just another technique or tool.

UVconcepts Technology Suite is a comprehensive system that
addresses, adapts and complement your entire environment,
elevating the disinfection process for your team.