UV technology unlike anything you've seen

Comprehensive and Verifiable

The first and only purpose-built UV platform designed to improve the process for non-critical portable equipment.

It's Time For Action

The Current Manual Processes Are Insuffcient

The hospital environment is dynamic and the current processes are flawed.

The Problem

There Is A Need For Automated Supplemental Technologies

Evidence suggests that no-touch automated solutions should be used to supplement standard protocols.

Manual cleaning has high variability


factors impact the outcome of wiping action using chemical disinfectants

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Protocols are lacking


did not feel their facility had sufficient protocols for portable equipment in a recent survey

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Complex surfaces can be a challenge


of wheelchairs tested positive for C.Diff

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Innovation Requires Commitment

We Built A Better Way

UV-Concepts has developed an innovative automated solution designed to supplement the process for non-critical portable equipment. We spent years researching market conditions, connecting with industry thought-leaders, and broadened our approach to address the entire ecosystem.

The Solution
Your Partner in Accountability

Quality Improvement Is At The Cornerstone Of Our Innovation

We believe the existing paradigms need to be challenged, and we will partner alongside you to implement SOPs that improve your processes.

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