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Only UVconcepts delivers a comprehensive and verifiable technology to supplement the process for portable equipment.

As pioneers in environmental services, we understand the importance of minimizing the variability of the human
factor. So in 2016, we set out to streamline the process for portable equipment and set a new bar for accountability and control. Since then, we've developed the first and only ecosystem solution that combines UV-C technology with data analytics to mitigate microorganisms on equipment and improve overall management of the process. Our founders bring passion, empathy, and years of industry experience to UVconcepts.

We are visionaries. Educators. Innovators. Believers.

Stefan Wenger

Chief Executive Officer
A senior executive and board
member with over 25 years of
experience working in various
roles. Mr. Wenger is a
strategic executive, previously
serving as Chief Financial
Officer of a NASDAQ listed
company that grew in market
capitalization from $300 million
to over $6 billion during his 15
years of financial leadership.
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Jeremy Starkweather

President | Chief Innovation Officer
Jeremy has over 23 years
experience in the medical
devices industry. His direct
leadership experience includes
general management, sales,
market development, product
development, and product
management. After a long career
at Boston Scientific, he led the
sales and marketing efforts for
two venture-backed companies.
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John Wynne

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Wynne has 20 years of
experience in medical device
corporate strategy, business
development, and M&A,
Previously, he held various
leadership positions with
companies in the medical
device space, including Boston
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Jason Ylizarde

Vice President | Market Development
Mr. Ylizarde has over 23 years
of medical device experience.
He has held multiple leadership
roles with companies in
Gastroenterology, Surgery, and
played a pivotal role in the exits
of three venture-backed
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Shad Good

Vice President | Sales
Mr. Good has over 17 years of medical device sales and sales leadership experience. He has held multiple leadership roles, most recently with Mammotome, subsidiary of Danaher Corporation.

David Evans

Board Member
Mr. Evans is an UVconcepts investor and experienced Construction Manager with over 20 years of experience. He has managed $120 million in Commercial, Government, and Healthcare construction projects.

Tony Gorski

Board Member
Mr. Gorski is an UVconcepts Series A Preferred Stock investor. He has extensive healthcare experience at an executive level. Mr. Gorski is Managing Partner of Dogleg Capital, an investment and advisory firm for companies looking to navigate the S-curve.

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