UV Technology Suite

Illuminate Any Environment:
Dynamic and customizable, the UVconcepts Technology Suite illuminates elevates, complements, and completes the supplemental disinfection process for equipment in any healthcare environment, no matter its size or complexity.
Faster, Simpler, and More Reliable:
The first of its kind the UVenclosure supplements the disinfection process for equipment with powerful, controlled UV-light technology. With greater than 99.99% inactivation of microorganisms on solid surfaces in 60 seconds, it's the fastest, simplest, and most reliable UV solution on the market. Period.
Accountability. Consistency. Peace of Mind:
Digitally-connected UVetags on every piece of equipment and cloud-based analytics ensure total accountability, oversight, and consistency, providing peace of mind to healthcare workers and ultimately patients.
Accountability. Consistency. Peace of Mind:
Equipped with an intuitive software interface, authorized users are empowered to operate with efficiency, confidence, and care.
Visionary Concepts, Tireless Service:
In addition to visionary technology, UVconcepts provides unrivaled customer service, from installation to customization, training, and support.
UVC technology | UV-C disinfection technology

Lighting the way forward - Get in touch today! From installation to customization, training, and support, our passion and promise is to partner alongside you in illuminating your healthcare environment, every step of the way. 


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