Elevate Your Environment

Portable Equipment.  High Touch.  High Priority.

Solid surfaces on portable equipment can no longer be viewed differently than patient rooms.  It’s time to improve processes with innovative and automated solutions.

Solid Surfaces In Your Environment Need More Attention

High-touch portable equipment is constantly moving around the facility.  How do you mitigate microorganisms on solid surfaces in your environment?  How do you account for portable equipment outside of your supervised area?

Do You Use Manual Stickers On Your Equipment?

If there was a way to digitize these stickers, would you be open to learning more?  And does the concept of digital connectivity of equipment, users, and UV technology pique your interest?

Do You Use Manual Data Logs To Track Accountability?

If these data logs were automatically generated in a cloud-based program with custom analytics at your fingertips, could you increase your efficiency?