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3 Benefits of Automation in Environmental Service

Tell us if this sounds familiar: Your facility decides to double-down on its cleaning and disinfection efforts, and you consider adopting supplemental, automated technology to make your existing processes more consistent and reliable. But every time you explore an automated solution, your team runs into the same roadblock: You don’t want to add another step […]

Use Case: Candida auris

In the spring of 2022, Candida auris was detected in the Emergency Department of a New York City hospital. The likely cause? Poorly cleaned equipment. Hospital leadership quickly mobilized to address the emerging challenge. Rather than resort to a short-term fix, they opted to find a supplemental disinfection technology that would strengthen the facility’s oversight, […]

The Future of UV Disinfection Systems in Hospitals

Studies show that only 50% of surfaces in hospital rooms are sufficiently cleaned between patient visits. Thus, hospitals may be a source for transmitting microbes like bacteria and amoeba.  UV disinfection systems have shown remarkable antimicrobial properties. As technology advances and new developments emerge, the future of supplemental UV disinfection systems in hospitals is becoming […]

A Day in the Life of a Computer Workstation

If you had to list the most urgent risks associated with environmental cleanliness in your facility, some standard answers may come to mind: poor hand hygiene, challenging surfaces in a patient’s room, and dirty door knobs. However, facilities face a far more insidious risk that rolls by dozens of patients each day: computer workstations.  Workstations […]

Selecting and Implementing a UV Disinfection System

Did you know that the first-ever implementation of UV lights for disease treatment was introduced by Nobel prize winner Niels Ryberg Finsen in 1895? Since then, UV lights have been used as disinfectants and sterilizers in various industries. For instance, hospitals today rely on UV light disinfection systems to ensure the facility is free of […]